B3 Ten Perfections
Tantalizing cold dish of a mixture of ten fresh vegetables consisting of dry-tofu, wood ear, enoki mushroom, celery, bean sprouts, carrots, green, red, yellow and orange bell peppers
B5 Sesame Noodles
Thin noodles topped with shredded cucumber, carrots, veggie-ham and bean sprouts served with our house-blend sesame paste
B4 Stuffed Porta-Cap
Portabella cap stuffed with cabbage, black mushroom, carrots, and soy paté oven-baked to a mouthwatering golden color
B1 House Fry Soy Nuggets (8ps)
Veggie-chicken nuggets deep-fried to a crispy golden color served with our special plum dip
B2 Black Pepper Soy Nuggets (12ps)
Soy nuggets deep-fried to a crispy golden color sprinkled with wasabe peppers

= Vegan= Spicy